Border Patrol Solution

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    Autonomous Patrols

    Autonomous Patrols

    Plan the flight route, and the drone will automatically perform patrols after loading the route.

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    All-day Control

    All-day Control

    High Resolution thermal payloads allows the Dragonfish to conduct surveillence from high altitudes at night.

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    Flexible Prevention and Control

    Flexible Prevention and Control

    Through the ground operating system, the heading can be changed instantly, and detailed inspections can be carried out in unknown areas.

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    Live Video and Telemetry to Command Center

    Live Video and Telemetry to Command Center

    The screen is transmitted back to the security center to realize the linkage and coordination between border guards, drones and the security center.

Solution Advantage

  • Workload Reduction

    Frequent, autonomous patrols reduce labor costs, pilot training needed, and the frequency of ground patrol personnel while improving reliabiltiy and responsetimes.
  • Fast Response

    Fast system initialization and mission deployment
  • Modular Payload Options

    The Dragonfish is complete with a variety of industry specific payloads. Custom payloads options or third party payloads are available.
  • Multi-Perspective Monitoring

    The Dragonfish provides timely information to key decision makers kilometers away. Commanding officers can get access to live videos and telemetry data from pilots for better communication and situational awareness.

Accessory Products

  •  Dragonfish Series

    Dragonfish Series

    The Dragonfish's unique tilt rotor design simplifies operation and maximizes performance and efficiency. With no complicated moving parts, the dragonfish is modular, waterproof, smart and reliable. The Dragonfish is mission ready right out of the box and includes powerful AI tracking capabilities and a multitude of modular payload options. An endurance of 120 mins (including payload) further augments the Dragonfish's robust mission capabilities and pushes it significantly ahead against other VTOL competition.
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