Traffic Inspection Solution

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    Comprehensive Data Collection

    Comprehensive Data Collection

    The drone provides an aerial perspective and assists ground police officers to fully control the traffic situation.

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    Precise Flight Control

    Precise Flight Control

    Based on image recognition technology, lock the target vehicle to track and shoot.

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    Fast Evidence Collection

    Fast Evidence Collection

    Autel Drones patrol road ways frequently from the air, and can alert authorities of traffic issues or roadway conditions and to ensure rapid responeses to emergencies without having to wait for a response team to wade through traffics hours afterwards to reach the scene.

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    Equipped with a voice system, it can conduct voice dialogues with on-site personnel and direct the scene.

Solution Advantages

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    Broad and Detail View

    A bird eye's view of accident scenes will supplement traditional fixed video surveillence and personel perspectives. This eliminates blindspots and provide a more comprehensive view of the site.
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    Effective Patrol

    Autel's EVO II travels at speeds of up to 45mph and has a range of 5.5 miles. Reach the accident site autonomously or manually minutes, irrespective of accident jams or roadway conditions.
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    Workload Reduction

    Lower number of patrolling officers needed for a stretch of roadway.
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    Multi-Perspective Monitoring

    Autel drones provide timely information to key decision makers. Commanding officers can get access to live videos and telemetry faster and easier than traditional ground teams.

Accessory Products

  • EVO II Pro

    EVO II Pro

    · Superior image quality in low-and limited-lighting conditions · Adaptability and versatility for every lighting environment · Post-Production Flexibility · 4K HDR · 360°Obstacle Avoidance · Dynamic Track 2.0
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    Recommended Configuration

  • EVO II

    EVO II

    · Life in 33 Million Pixels · Capture Every Detail · 4K, 10-BIT HDR · 360° Obstacle Avoidance
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    Recommended Configuration

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