Search and Rescue Solution

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    Temperature screening

    Temperature screening

    By carrying a thermal imaging load, etc., it can directly reflect the temperature difference in the search and rescue area, helping to quickly investigate and locate the search target.

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    Search and Rescue at Night

    Search and Rescue at Night

    It is equipped with searchlights and stands by around the clock to solve the lighting problem of search and rescue at night.

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    Live Video Streaming

    Live Video Streaming

    The drone transmits the scene images back to the command center, allowing the command center to understand the details of the scene as soon as possible and formulate a search and rescue plan.

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    Supplies Relif

    Supplies Relif

    In areas where people cannot enter and drones cannot land, materials and equipment can be dropped by fixed-point parachute landing or rapid low-altitude dropping.

Solution Advantage

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    Strong Emergency

    Quickly respond to emergencies in 3-5 minutes.
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    Rapid Deployment

    Not limited by terrain, search a large area in a short time.
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    Adapt to Complex Environments

    See through nighttime conditions or dense fog with thermal imaging capabilities.
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    Security Patrol

    Increase safety and efficiency.

Accessory Products

  • EVO II DUAL 640T

    EVO II DUAL 640T

    · The FLIR Boson provides greater resolution than any camera in its class. · Maximum efficiency in all viewing conditions · Picture-in-Picture Mode · 8K allows even the smallest detail to be captured and preserved · 360°Obstacle Avoidance
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    Recommended Configuration

  •  Dragonfish Series

    Dragonfish Series

    The Dragonfish's unique tilt rotor design simplifies operation and maximizes performance and efficiency. With no complicated moving parts, the dragonfish is modular, waterproof, smart and reliable. The Dragonfish is mission ready right out of the box and includes powerful AI tracking capabilities and a multitude of modular payload options. An endurance of 120 mins (including payload) further augments the Dragonfish's robust mission capabilities and pushes it significantly ahead against other VTOL competition.
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    Recommended Configuration

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