Autel SkyCommand Center

Experience Complete Control

Workflow Optimization

The Autel SkyCommand Center is a flight control platform that enables users to manage tasks, equipment, mission roles for their drones through a computer or mobile device. Using the platform, remote operators can monitor live video in real time or schedule missions in clusters and access the recorded flight data at their convenience.

  • Task Management

    Mission Planning: Plan routes and assign missions.
    Realtime Transmission: View video feed and flight data remotely in real time.
    Remote Control: Control drone and camera remotely from the command center.
    Data Storage: Save and manage flight mission settings, flight logs, and other data.

  • Account Management

    Role Management: Create teams and assign roles such as administrator or pilot.
    Authority Management: Distribute operation permissions based on assigned roles.

  • Device Management

    UAV Management: Display usage time and maintenance progress for each aircraft and battery.
    Firmware Management: Upgrade and manage firmware all in one place.

Multi-channel Live Broadcast

The Autel SkyCommand Center can support up to 32 live broadcasts at the same time, and it only takes 200 milliseconds for the drone to transmit live feed at 1080p, significantly outperforming competing products with delays of 8-10 seconds.

Remote Real-time Control

Users can remotely control the aircraft to suspend and return the flight. The camera's angle, zoom, and other parameters can also be set to perform shooting operations.

Cross-model Adaptation

The Autel SkyCommand Center supports both multi-rotor and fixed-wing models, including: EVO II series, EVO II RTK series, EVO II Enterprise, Dragonfish series. Among them, multi-rotor models need to be equipped with the EVO Nest to perform tasks.

Flight Data Management

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Users can log onto the platform to check the usage of each aircraft, hangar, and battery, allowing them to replace and maintain equipment in a timely manner.

  • Cloud Access

    Autel Robotics provides two ways for users to deploy Autel SkyCommand Center: Secure Cloud stores flight logs on a stable AWS server, while Private Cloud stores them on the user's local server.


Operators log into the Autel SkyCommand Center to create a task. After the task is sent to the pilot or the EVO Nest, the drone will perform the flight task and synchronize the live screen and flight data to the SkyCommand Center.

  • EVO II Series

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  • EVO Nest

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  • Dragonfish Series

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  • Pilot

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Autel SkyCommand Center

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    EVO II Series

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    EVO Nest

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  • Autel SkyCommand Center

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    Dragonfish Series

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  • Pilot

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  • Autel SkyCommand Center


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