Portrait Mode and more with new firmware update

Blogs 2022-03-29
Portrait Mode and more with new firmware update


Latest firmware updates bring much-awaited features to our consumer series drones and Autel Sky app.


We are rolling out a series of firmware updates for the Lite, as well as an update for the Autel Sky app. This will introduce a number of features, including Dynamic Track.


New Features

  • Dynamic Tracking (person only) on EVO Lite

  1. Select Track from the camera modes in the main menu

    • The drone will automatically identify people to potentially track.

  2. Tap the + icon to select the person, and tap track to start tracking

  3. The drone will track the subject as they move


Dynamic track explained.gif


  • Shoot Mode (integrated with photo, video, and pro mode) 

    • Users can find a shortcut to all camera parameter settings on the lower right corner, such as WB, aperture, shutter speed, MF/AF, etc

    • If users change any camera parameter, the camera mode will automatically switch from Auto to Pro. HDR and Log mode are invalid in Pro mode. 

No Pro blog gif.gif

  • EVO Lite 4-axis gimbal is officially supported

    • For EVO Lite users, there are two ways to switch between landscape view and portrait view: 

      • Rotate the mobile device

      • Tap the camera rotation button on the top left corner of screen to switch between landscape view and portrait view


Portrait mode.gif

  • Camera rotation is also supported in Quick Shot. Tap the option to select the rotation direction you want

Camera Rotation Quick Shot.gif

  • Electronic Image Stabilization  (EIS) is supported in EVO Lite/Lite+

    • EIS is not an option but always on, and users can get more stable image quality.

  • Battery firmware can be upgraded separately

    • In the Autel Sky app, users will see a prompt to upgrade battery firmware when old battery firmware is detected. Follow the prompt to start the battery firmware upgrade. It saves lots of time for users with multiple batteries.


Battery firmware update.gif

To use these features, you need to upgrade the firmware to the versions below.




Previous Version

New Version















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